THE GATE HOTEL’s Breakfast

As the saying goes, “The day begins with breakfast.” Breakfast is a way to recharge your energy for an active day ahead.
Breakfast is also one of the most enjoyable parts of a hotel stay. Thanks to this, many of our guests choose THE GATE HOTEL for breakfast. THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon has won first place in Tokyo for three consecutive years in the “Breakfast Contest” held by an online travel agent, and breakfast at The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon and other hotels in the same vein. It is available for both overnight guests and non-guests, so please try it when you are in the area.

Features of THE GATE HOTEL’s breakfast

Eggs Benedict, a classic menu item since the hotel’s establishment

French toast, the perfect harmony of bread, butter, bacon and syrup

  • A set menu with a main plate of egg dishes using eggs with rich, colorful yolks and eggs of the finest quality.
  • Main plates include “Eggs Benedict” and “French Toast,” as well as a choice of unique menus that vary from restaurant to restaurant.
  • We use carefully selected ingredients from each area in order to introduce you to the local delicacies of the area.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice and original blend of aromatic coffee are served in large cups.
  • A selection of “Echire Butter” to enrich your breakfast time, served with bread.
  • Side dishes include fresh vegetable salads, fruits, yogurt, handmade jams, honey fresh from the hive, etc.

Menu choices at the hotel

THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon

“Asakusa Tartine”, is a French-style open sandwich and is only available at THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon.

In addition to Eggs Benedict, a regular menu item since its establishment, THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon offers a Western-style set menu with either French Toast or Asakusa Tartine as the main plate.

From the famous Asakusa local shop, we use “Asakusa Ham” for the eggs Benedict and bacon for the French toast, and “Pelican” bread for the Asakusa Tartine.


The aroma of grilled cheese whets the appetite? This is only available at THE GATE HOTEL Tokyo.

THE GATE HOTEL Tokyo offers a choice of two main plates: Eggs Benedict, a classic menu item inherited from Kaminarimon, and Tokyo limited menu, Croque-Monsieur.

The “crispy” texture is the meaning of the word “Croque”. We have tried to create the texture by selecting special ingredients. so that guests can enjoy our original béchamel sauce and ham until the very end of the meal.


This lovely breakfast will make your day happier! This is only available at THE GATE HOTEL Ryogoku.

THE GATE HOTEL Ryogoku offers the Scandinavian-style open sandwich “Smørrebrød” in addition to the standard “Eggs Benedict” and “French Toast”.

From the famous Ryogoku local shop, we use ham and sausage from “Kuwabara Ham”.

For a limited time, we are also offering a “Breakfast Box” for overnight guests to enjoy in their rooms.

THE GATE HOTEL Kyoto Takasegawa

Healthy breakfast with many local ingredients. It consists of a 14 small bowls, including fruits and dessert. 

THE GATE HOTEL Kyoto Takasegawa offers a special Kyoto-only “Japanese breakfast” in addition to the two standard items, limited to 30 servings per day, so early risers and early arrivals are recommended. Local ingredients include pickles from “Uchida Pickles” and Kyoto rice for the Japanese breakfast.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the actual serving method may differ from the photo.



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