Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hulic Hotel Management Kyoto Co., Ltd. (our company), as the operator of The Gate Hotel KYOTO TAKASEGAWA (our hotel), will effectively make use of the customer’s personal information while remaining fully aware of the importance of such information.

Our corporate policy and actions concerning personal information obtained from our customers is as explained below.

Compliance to Legal Matters

Acquisition, use and handling of customer personal information by our company will be in compliance with laws, by-laws and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information as well as policies stated herein.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information concerning customers may be used for the following purposes.

  • For the provision of services when a reservation is placed
  • For the provision of individualized services for each customer
  • In order to respond to all forms of inquiries
  • For the provision of all forms of requested information
  • For the transmission of email magazine services
  • For the improvement of services provided by our company

Disclosure of Personal Information

Other than instances where permission has been obtained from our customers, personal information may be disclosed in situations where ① it is in compliance with the law, ② cooperation is requested by a representative of national or local government entities in order execute their legal duties and it is deemed that obtaining the customer’s permission may result in impeding the execution of such duties, ③ loss of life, bodily injury or a risk to personal property may exist, but obtaining permission proves to be difficult.

Consignment of Personal Information

For the completion of purposes listed above, within the required parameters, our company consigns the management of personal information in part or in full. Our company, when required, provides required direction to our consignee in the handling of personal information for the safe preservation of said personal information.

Personal Information Gathered by Our Company

Our company gathers personal information from every aspect of our business activities. This personal information includes the following.

  • Name, gender, address and contact information of the customer
  • Features, passport and visa information of the customer
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and any other days that may be deemed special
  • Information concerning reservations, stays and visits at our hotel
  • WEB membership information
  • Credit card number and information concerning credit cards used for payment
  • Requests by the customer as well as requests concerning marketing and contact
  • Evaluations and opinions concerning our hotel (information that can be determined as that of the customer)
  • Information provided to us by the customer or through a third party

Our company may also gather information concerning other individuals accompanying the customer.

Information Other than Personal Information

When customers access and have an interaction of information on the web site operated by our company (this site), non-personal information (other information) such as directories visited and the number of times access has occurred, where the customer cannot be identified may be gathered.

Our company gathers this information using cookies and other technology. For a detailed explanation, please view the cookie statement below.

Development of Personal Information Management/Administrative Structure

Maintenance of internal compliance concerning securing personal informationOur company performs the maintenance of internal compliance concerning securing personal information while displaying a clear policy in the management of personal information, with a strict attitude toward any possible compromise of such information.Implementation of security solutionsOur company, in order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, will implement security solutions for personal information, preventing unauthorized access, the loss, destruction, alteration and compromise of personal information.Enhanced, thorough training of staffAt our company, in order to ensure that all staff involved with personal information can perform their duties with plenty of knowledge concerning the protection of personal information, management, employees and temporary staff will be provided with the enhanced and thorough training concerning the protection of personal information.

Protection of Personal Information

Our company will take action for effective solutions using methods such as the transmission by code through the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in order to maintain accuracy in the communication of specific personal information on our site for the ① protection of personal information from unauthorized access, compromise, alteration or destruction, while ② accurately maintaining current personal information as required.

Securing Personal Information

Our company will store personal information concerning our customers, only as long as deemed required, to accomplish the objectives stated in this policy. After this term has passed, or the objective has been accomplished, this information will be deleted immediately.

Use of Cookies

This site uses 「Cookie」, (Cookie) and 「other technology」(such as IP addresses). Through cookies and other technologies, our company and other third parties obtain information concerning our customers. We use this information to analyze customer viewing habits and improve efficiency in homepage display speeds as well as providing targeted marketing contents.

When a customer views a web site, their computer or mobile device will store this cookie as a small text file. The cookie alone cannot be used to determine the identity of the individual who has viewed the site.

Cookies may be disabled by changing the settings on your browser (choose the “help” menu on your browser).Other technologyAnalytics: Browser information, location information, information concerning viewing status (date, time, sites viewed) is gathered by Google Analytics through the use of service status data gathering and analysis technology as well as cookies. Customer information gathered, recorded, analyzed by Google Analytics cannot be used to identify specific personal information of an individual. This information is managed based on Google’s privacy policy.

Google Analytics terms of use

Google privacy policy

Change and Access to Personal Information

If a customer is a WEB member, the information provided at the time of registering may be updated at any time by signing in to their WEB member profile page.
Additionally, in accordance with the law, customers may request their personal information which is stored in our company’s active data base concerning ① notification of purpose of use, ② disclosure, ③ corrections, additions, deletions, ④ discontinuation of use, deletion and ⑤ termination of provision to third parties (such as disclosure).

Contact for Questions Concerning Personal Information

Any questions from customers concerning the handling of personal information by our company, disclosure or termination of use may be directed to the following.
Hulic Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
e-mail :

Change of Policy

Our company may make changes to our policy without notice.

Date of Issue: February 19th, 2020


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