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The Gate Hotel is a hotel where you can get a breath of fresh air, sense the atmosphere of the city, and sometimes even absorb the hustle and bustle of the city. The private zones offer a sense of security, but to prevent the hotel from being closed off and isolated from the city, the restaurant, and exclusive premium areas for guests are equipped with open-air terraces, balconies, and terraces where you can feel the outdoor air. Enjoying meals while experiencing the outdoor air enhances the flavors and stimulates conversations. In rooms with private balconies, you can enjoy a luxurious time alone or with loved ones, free from the routine of everyday life.

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon

Restaurant: R Restaurant & Bar (13F)

R Restaurant & Bar on the 13th floor of the hotel has a terrace where you can enjoy the outside air and the city of Asakusa. The terrace offers a view of Asakusa’s main sightseeing spot, Kaminarimon-dori, where you can enjoy the sight of rickshaws galloping by and the lively Asakusa bustling with tourists.

Rooms: Balcony (3F)

The balcony rooms are located on the 3rd floor and, as the name suggests, offer a balcony from which you can enjoy a close view of Asakusa’s lively and bustling cityscape. Experience the vibrant cheers of the chefs, the enticing fragrance of sesame oil emanating from the well-established tempura eateries, the lively atmosphere created by tourists, and the most coveted spot in the entire hotel.

Premium Area: T terrace (14F)

The rooftop terrace, exclusive to hotel guests and located on the top floor, offers a premium experience with breathtaking views of Asakusa below, the iconic Tokyo Sky Tree in front, and the captivating blend of old and new Tokyo.

The Gate Hotel Tokyo

Lobby Lounge (4F)

The lobby lounge features a terrace that overlooks the vibrant neighborhoods of Yurakucho and Ginza. During the day, you can witness the bustling Sukiyabashi Crossing, renowned as one of Japan’s most famous scramble crossings, teeming with tourists and office workers. At night, the view transforms into a captivating sight of Ginza illuminated by neon lights, creating a unique and dazzling ambiance. Take pleasure in your time here with a delightful light meal or a refreshing drink while soaking in the dynamic cityscape.

Restaurant: Anchor Tokyo (4F)

This private terrace, situated at the far end of the restaurant, offers a delightful dining experience. You can savor your meal bathed in warm sunlight during the day, and as evening sets in, relish in the captivating view of the night sky over Ginza.

Rooms: THE GATE (13F)

THE GATE, a suite located on the top floor, offers an exclusive experience with a private terrace featuring a luxurious jacuzzi. Indulge in a moment of opulence within your own secluded haven, as you unwind and enjoy the ultimate comfort and privacy that this suite has to offer.

Premium Area: Premium Lounge (13F)

Situated on the 13th floor, the premium lounge boasts a private terrace reserved solely for hotel guests. From this vantage point, you can delight in the scenic vistas of Ginza and the bustling Sukiyabashi Crossing, creating a special and memorable Tokyo experience.

The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa

Restaurant: Anchor Kyoto (8F)

The terrace provides a captivating view of Higashiyama’s ridgeline, offering a picturesque experience throughout the seasons. In spring, you can revel in the beauty of cherry blossoms along the Takasegawa River. Summer brings lush greenery to Higashiyama, while autumn treats you to the breathtaking colors of fall foliage. Come winter, the terrace offers a charming sight of Higashiyama dusted with a light layer of snow. With its ever-changing scenery, this terrace promises a delightful and diverse experience depending on the time of year.

Premium area: Lounge & Patio (3F)

Enjoy a fire pit while watching the night sky on the patio for the exclusive use of guests. The flickering flames and the sound of burning wood will warm your body and soul as you bask in the afterglow of your trip.

The Gate Hotel Ryogoku

Restaurant: Anchor Ryogoku Riverside (2F)

Anchor Ryogoku Riverside (2F) is the perfect place to enjoy our signature dishes while watching the Sumida River flow by, boats passing by, and the shimmering surface of Tokyo’s riverside scenery.

Premium Area: Terrace & Lounge (9F)

The terrace, exclusively available to hotel guests, offers a luxurious spot with stunning vistas of the Sumida River, the former Yasuda Garden, Ryogoku Kokugikan, and other Edo-era scenery, along with the modern Tokyo Sky Tree. Day and night, the view of the diverse bridges over the Sumida River creates a truly special and distinctive ambiance. Enjoy a moment of respite from everyday life as our skilled bartenders craft delightful cocktails for your pleasure in this exceptional setting.

Rooms: THE GATE (9F)

The suite rooms on the top floor feature expansive private terraces, providing the perfect setting for a private BBQ experience. Stepping out from your room onto the terrace, you can bask in the gentle river breeze and immerse yourself in the historical charm of Edo, offering a truly unique and cozy atmosphere.

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