Osama Gyoza: The King of Gyoza in Asakusa

Hello, this is the staff of The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon. Did you know that there is a popular gyoza restaurant in Asakusa that is listed in the Michelin Guide? Today, we would like to introduce you to Gyoza no Osama, a famous old-fashioned Chinese restaurant loved by everyone.

A popular restaurant with a long line at lunchtime

About a 3-minute walk from The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon, located on a small street called Asakusa Chuo Dori, Gyoza no Osama is marked by a conspicuous yellow tent and a yellow signboard placed in front of the store. Founded in 1954, the restaurant has been in business for more than 60 years, and three generations have continued to follow the same original methods of production. The name of the store was Gyoza-ya when it was first established, but it was later changed to the current name after a regular customer said, “The gyoza here is the king of gyoza”. The showcases by the entrance with delicious-looking food samples also give the restaurant a nostalgic Chinese restaurant atmosphere.

gyoza king asakusa shop
The exterior of the store marked by a yellow tent.

Freshly made, hot gyoza anytime!

There are counter seats on the first floor and table seats on the second floor. At Gyoza no Osama, gyoza are not made in advance but are made to order and freshly baked on the spot. If you sit at the counter, you will be served freshly made hot gyoza right in front of you from the counter.

gyoza king asakusa Counter Seats
You can watch the cooking process from the counter.

Our recommendation: start with a bowl of Osama gyoza!

There are four types of gyoza on the menu: Osama gyoza, meat gyoza, hot water gyoza, and soup gyoza. We started with the famous Osama gyoza! The outside of the gyoza is fried in a lot of oil, but the filling is chopped very finely and has a light texture. Osama gyoza are made of 90% vegetable and 10% pork. They also use garlic, but there is not much of a smell, and you could easily gobble up as many as you like. The combination of vinegar and soy sauce drizzled with homemade Chinese red chili oil is also very good. The other three types of gyoza: meat gyoza, which is mainly made of pork, hot water gyoza, which are refreshing, and soup gyoza, which contains meat gyoza in a vegetable broth, are delicious as well.

gyoza king asakusa goyza and beer
Osama gyoza (420 yen)

You can’t help but notice the other items on the menu besides gyoza!

Although the restaurant is famous for gyoza, other dishes such as fried rice, ramen, and stir-fried dishes are also familiar to customers. It is recommended to order a variety of dishes along with gyoza. The photo shows gently seasoned fried rice and umani soba noodles with a thick bean paste filled with seafood and vegetables.

gyoza king asakusa goyza and fried rice
Fried rice unique to Chinese restuarants
gyoza king asakusa Mixed noodles
Umani Soba with plenty of vegetables and seafood
gyoza king asakusa candy
When we paid our bill, they handed us some Hakka candy to refresh our palates.

Is take-out available?

Take-out is available, but the owner recommends having it freshly prepared at the restaurant. If you stop by Asakusa, please enjoy freshly baked hot gyoza at the store.


  • Name: Gyoza no Osama
  • Address : 1-30-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
  • TEL: 03-3841-2552 03-3841-2552
  • URL None
  • Business hours: 11:00~14:00 (L.O.), 16:00~20:00 (L.O.)
  • Closed: Tuesday

*Please contact the restaurant directly for the latest information on business hours and holidays.

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