Mihatodo: a Little Baked Doll Cakes Store in the Nakamise Shopping Arcade

The owner of Mihatodo is waiting for you to stop by and visit.

Mihatodo is a store that sells ningyo-yaki and kaminari okoshi (Japanese traditional rice cripsy snacks) in Asakusa Nakamise. The sweet aroma of freshly baked ningyo-yaki wafts from its bustling storefront. The shop is located in the middle of the Nakamise shopping street leading from Kaminarimon to the main hall of Sensoji Temple, just before the intersection of Denpoin Street on the left side.

It is a 4-minute walk from The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon after passing through the Kaminarimon.

Ningyo-yaki, freshly baked doll-shaped cakes, are a must-try!

The age-old mold of Mihatodo’s ningyo-yaki dolls
Now, what is in the middle?

The freshly baked doll cakes made in the store have a gentle taste of soft sponge cake dough enveloping a moderately sweet red bean paste. The appearance of the cakes adds another element of enjoyment, as they come in cute round shapes, such as the Kaminarimon lantern, five-story pagoda, and pigeon, all of which are unique to Asakusa.

You can buy any shape you like, and for souvenirs, vacuum-packed packages with a choice of sweet bean paste or sweetened bean paste are also popular.

You can choose from a variety of shapes and purchase one at a time!

Kaminari Okoshi, a standard Asakusa souvenir

Kaminari Okoshi is another popular traditional Japanese snack that is available in this shop. Its popularity is thanks to the variety of flavors combined with its irresistible harmony of peanuts and caramel, is one of the most popular items loved by men and women of all ages, making it a perfect snack or accompaniment to drinks.

Try it at The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon

The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon is now accepting reservations for our Accommodation Plan with an Assorted Japanese Sweets Box, which includes ningyo-yaki

from Mihatodo and many other Japanese sweets from famous Asakusa stores.
For details of the plan and reservation, please see below.

bring this key packet

Guests staying at any of the three Gate Hotels in the Tokyo area (The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon, The Gate Hotel Tokyo, and The Gate Hotel Ryogoku) can receive a 10% discount on all products when presenting their room key case at the store. Please take this opportunity to visit them.


*Please contact the store directly for the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc.

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