Japanese Candy Crafting at Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin, a Specialty Store with the Best Techniques

Hello, this is the staff of The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon. This time, we would like to introduce Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin, a store specializing in amezaiku, traditional Japanese candy crafting. The process of creating elaborate and beautiful amezaiku at Ameshin is made is sure to impress you. This time, we participated in a hands-on amezaiku class, so please enjoy our experience blog as well.

About amezaiku and how it is made

Amezaiku is a Japanese traditional craft in which candy is heated to about 90 degrees Celsius and softened, and beautifully shaped with bare hands and a pair of scissors. The process requires only a few minutes after removing the candy from the pot.

Unlike sculpting, amezaiku does not involve cutting or trimming. Instead, the craftsman uses scissors to cut and stretch the round candy on the end of a stick without wasting any of the candy.

(From the Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin website)
It is truly amazing that such elaborate and beautiful amezaiku can be created in just a few short minutes using only bare hands and scissors. The craftsman’s skill is so impressive that you can’t help but admire his work.

Surprisingly old: the History of Amezaiku

The prototype of amezaiku in Japan is said to be as old as the 8th century. During the Edo period (1603-1868), craftsmen began to sell amezaiku throughout the town, and it became a widely popular pastime for the general public. The art of amezaiku was passed down from generation to generation, but since it was a subculture, there are almost no detailed documents on amezaiku.

(From the Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin website)

The 8th century is around the time of the Asuka, Nara, and Heian periods. This traditional technique has been handed down among the common people since ancient times, but it is in danger of decline due to the decrease in the number of successors. Ameshin preserves this tradition and creates innovative and beautiful amezaiku that has never been seen before.

In 2013, Ameshin opened a store in Asakusa and opened a second store in Tokyo Solamachi, the knee of Tokyo Sky Tree. In 2021, they moved their main store to Hanakawado, Asakusa to expand their scale of business. In addition to manufacturing and sales of amezaiku, demonstrations, custom-made production, and hands-on classes, the company also conducts traveling production demonstrations, hands-on classes, and exhibitions at events and parties in Japan and abroad.

Ameshin’s exquisite and beautiful amezaiku

The elaborate work looks like a living goldfish, with beautiful colors on the transparent candy.

Ameshin’s amezaiku, which are often featured in the media, captivate the hearts of those who see them. At the Hanakawado store, many representative amezaiku products are on display and for sale. The craftsmanship is so impressive that it is exciting just to look at them. You will never get tired of looking at these works of art, which are more than just candies.

The seasonal uchiwa ame (Japanese fan candy) is perfect as a souvenir.
Inside the store, you will find a variety of beautiful amezaiku that are exciting just to look at.
There are elaborate amezaiku crafts, cute uchiwa-shape candies, easy-to-eat bonbon candies, and other products that are perfect as souvenirs.

Hands-on class to learn how to make Amezaiku

The Hanakawado store also offers a hands-on Amezaiku class, which is a unique Asakusa experience. In the hands-on class, you can try your hand at making a rabbit amezaiku.

Hanakawado Shop is located near Nitenmon Gate of Sensoji Temple, about 10 minutes on foot from The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon. The store has a stately Japanese style.

There is also a branch in Tokyo Solamachi, the knee of the Tokyo Sky Tree. On some days, you can see an amezaiku crafting demonstration at the Tokyo Solamachi branch, so be sure to stop by on your way to see the sights.


  • Name: Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin
  • Address: Hori Bldg. 1F, 2-9-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
  • TEL: 080-9373-0644 for reservations and contact on the day of the experience
  • URL: http://www.ame-shin.com/
  • Business hours: 10:30-18:00
  • Closed: Every Thursday (occasional holidays)

*For the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc., please contact the store directly.

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