Koyanagi, a Famous Eel Restaurant Established in 1926 (Taisho 15)

One of the most popular among the many eel restaurants in Asakusa

Koyanagi is a 5-minute walk from The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon and is located on a small street called Asakusa Chuo-dori. The lush willow and pine trees in front of the restaurant are its scenic landmarks. The blue tile walls and white traditional Japanese noren (curtain) entrance give the restaurant a very tasteful atmosphere.

For both groups and solo travelers alike

Inside the restaurant, there is a counter where men and women can casually enter by themselves, table seating for families to enjoy a leisurely meal, and tatami room seating on the second floor for banquets of up to 30 people. This eel restaurant has long been loved by locals as well as tourists visiting Asakusa.

Unaju, a flavor that cheers you up

When you come to an eel restaurant, you want to eat unaju (eel-topped rice)! Of course, why else would you visit? Koyanagi’s unaju has a delicious aroma of grilled eel, a fluffy texture that melts in your mouth as soon as you put it in your mouth, and a sauce that is neither too sweet nor too spicy, with just the right amount of flavor. It is served with a light sprinkling of sansho (Japanese pepper).

There are two types of unaju on the menu: “Take” (2,970 yen) and “Matsu” (3,520 yen). The difference is the size of the eel.

I had the “Matsu” this time. It was a large portion with a large kabayaki eel, but I finished every last bite in no time! The liver soup, which I ordered together with the broiled eel, was also a perfect accompaniment to the eel, with its refreshing taste of mitsuba leaves and somen noodles.

Unaju (Matsu) and liver soup

We also recommend having a glass of sake with a dish before the eel stew.

For those who wish to enjoy a meal with drinks at a leisurely pace, we recommend the a la carte menu.

In addition to dishes using eel, such as unamaki (eel roll), which is broiled eel wrapped around a fried egg, and unazaku, a refreshingly vinegared dish, there are also light snacks such as ita wasa and onion slices, as well as yakitori and motsuyaki.

The yakitori and motsuyaki are especially delicious. The teriyaki’s sweet and spicy flavor goes well with the tender chicken meat and chicken liver. Each dish consists of two pieces, but if you go with another person, you can share one piece each. The soft and sweet tamagoyaki is also a personal favorite.

Share a piece of yakitori and motsuyaki before having unaju.

Try the unaju to replenish your stamina in the hot summer or to warm up your body in the cold winter. Take-out is also available!


*For the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc., please contact the restaurant directly.

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