Ice & Bar COSMOS: Excellent Shaved Ice Shop to Beat the Summer Heat in Kyoto

Shaved ice shops are the perfect way to beat the intense Kyoto heat. We would like to introduce Ice & Bar COSMOS, a shaved ice shop that not only looks cute, but also offers authentic shaved ice made by an ice shop that supplies ice to various restaurants and shops.

What kind of store is Ice & Bar COSMOS?

Ice & Bar COSMOS was opened on July 12, 2021, by Asahi Hyogyo, a local ice shop in Kiyamachi, Kyoto, which makes the ice used in the bar at The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa, and offers delicious shaved ice. In the evening, you can enjoy drinks made with Asahi Hyogyo’s signature ice, making it the perfect “Ice & Bar” for the hot and humid season.

It is located about a 3-minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station (Exit 1A) or about a 5-minute walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station (Exit 4) and is just across the south side of The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa.

Photo of the entrance lined with flowers for the opening celebration

What is Asahi Ice Industry?

Founded in 1928 as an ice store in Tominokoji, Bukkouji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Asahi Hyogyo opened a branch in Shijo-Agaru, Kiyamachi, Nakagyo-ku in 1940, and has been supporting numerous restaurants in Kiyamachi, the busiest shopping area in Kyoto, for about 80 years.

From ice for commercial use, such as Kachiwari, sheet ice, and round ice, for which we are particular about hygiene, delivery, and preservation, to flower ice and dry ice for festive banquets and events, they continue to make the city of Kyoto more colorful as Kyoto’s Ice Shop.

Flower Ice which is popular for celebratory occasions
Ice bowls are perfect for serving cold dishes

The ice used by Asahi Hyogyo is the nationally acclaimed “Misato Ice House” ice. The Misato Icehouse is made from extremely clear soft water pumped from 150 meters underground, polished with the latest filtration technology, and then made into ice in an ISO-certified hygienic plant.

From the official website of Asahi Ice Industry

Misato ice cubes are safe and delicious, produced with the abundant good water and clean air of Mie Prefecture, which is blessed with one of the highest rainfalls in Japan. They are highly praised by restaurants and shaved ice stores for their ability to enhance the original flavor of drinks and for their excellent compatibility with syrup.

Our staff’s experience!

Kyoto City is a basin surrounded by mountains to the east, west, and north. With the summer
heat in Kyoto reaching over 35 degrees Celsius every day in July, we heard a rumor that a shaved ice store owned by an ice shop had opened, so we went to the shop immediately! Since it had only been open for a short time, the front of the store was decorated with festive ice flowers!

The ice flowers were gorgeous. Perfect for a festive occasion!
It is beautiful from every angle.

I had the pleasure of ordering the Setouchi Lemon Shaved Ice and Melon Soda Carbonated Ice. First, I tasted the Setouchi Lemon Shaved Ice. The ice is made from ice that has been frozen slowly and contains almost no impurities, so it is soft and silky and does not have a sharp taste, no matter how much you eat.

As President Wada’s wife is from the Seto Inland Sea, there are three types of shaved ice, including one made with lemons from the Seto Inland Sea, another with a non-alcoholic mojito-like flavor, and a third with a mango filling. The flavors change on a monthly basis.

Setouchi Lemon 1,000 yen (tax included), looks and feels fluffy and silky!

Next, I tried the Melon Soda Carbonated Ice. It is a new type of shaved ice using soda ice, ice that melts in your mouth. The refreshingly colored soda ice looks cool and can be enjoyed by just looking at it. It is a recommended product that is perfect for enjoying a refreshing mood and not to mention photos!

Eye-catching and refreshing Melon Soda 650 yen (tax included)

After 5:00 p.m., the shop transforms into a bar!

As the name “Ice & Bar” suggests, the bar is open after 5:00 p.m. to serve drinks made with Asahi Hyogyo’s signature ice. Guests of The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa can also enjoy a relaxing night in Kyoto with sweets (charms) available in the lounge and patio on the 3rd floor for the exclusive use of guests of The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa.

Snacks are also available at The Gate Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa. They are displayed in the restaurant.

In the hot summer heat of Kyoto, enjoy delicious shaved ice from an ice shop and a delicious drink to cool off for a moment.


  • Name Ice & Bar COSMOS
  • Address: 210 Nabeya-cho, Shijo-Agaru, Kiyamachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 604-8015
  • TEL 075-255-2500
  • URL
  • Business hours : 11:00-17:00, 17:00-24:00
  • Closed: No holidays *Special holidays will be announced on SNS.

*Please contact the restaurant directly for the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc.

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