Ginza Ito-ya, a Stationery Specialty Store with Cafe on the Top Floor

Almost everyone in Japan is familiar with Ito-Ya, one of the largest stationery stores in Japan. Ito-Ya, which consists of 12 floors from the basement to the ground, offers a wide selection of products that only a specialty store can offer. In today’s blog, we will introduce the charms of Ito-Ya.

An exciting stationery store

The only stationery store with event space, rental conference rooms, a café, and even a vegetable factory! Do you know any other stationery stores that have a café and a vegetable factory inside? Founded in 1904, the Ginza Itoya Main Store currently consists of the 12-story G. Itoya and K. Itoya across Azuma Street. From the multipurpose hall on the basement floor to the café on the top floor, it is packed with excitement.

Greeting cards collected from all over the world

The first thing that is sure to catch your eye when you enter the entrance on the first floor is the wall of greeting cards. There are dozens of birthday cards alone, and it’s easy to imagine who you’d send each card to.

Another exciting part of the store is its original lemonade stand. Delicious!

Take the escalator up to the second floor, and you will find an even greater variety of cards and letterheads. In the sunlit space by the window, you can write letters on the cards and letterheads you purchase, and there is also a mailbox where you can drop them off.

An adorable postbox

The shop also has an amazing selection of fountain pens (even some priced at over 1 million yen!), stationery that is fun to look at, and sundries that make the perfect girft. Workshops are also held on the craft goods floor.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary notepad with a pen stand, but as you use it little by little, you can see the design on the inside.
Ito-ya’s original leather goods can be foil-stamped with your initials or name to make them personal!
Many materials for decoupage are also available.


As you ascend to the 11th floor, you will be surprised to see… the vegetable factory named “FARM” suddenly appear.
Through a large window, you can see delicious-looking lettuces growing quickly in hydroponics.

Frilled lettuce, arugula, and other vegetables are grown without pesticides!

CAFE Stylo

Lastly, there is a cafe-restaurant, CAFE Stylo, on the top of the 12 floors.
Here you can enjoy hardy salads using plenty of fresh lettuce harvested daily at the lettuce factory on the 11th floor, American-style sandwiches, and more.

A relaxing space with high ceilings and large windows
The Chef’s salad with poached eggs and hollandaise which is filling even as just a half-sized order!

We believe that an optimal environment and aesthetically beautiful tools will help to enrich your time of creativity—when working, learning or playing, at a moment of inspiration or when organizing your thoughts, or in an attempt to convey something—and this will lead, in turn, to another cycle of creativity. Our aim is to offer products and provide a space that can make this creative cycle more beautiful and comfortable.

From the Ito-ya website

On your next holiday, indulge in a delicious lunch that will delight your mind and body, while expanding your creative ideas in a comfortable space. You can even pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones while you’re there.

It is about an 8-minute walk from The Gate Hotel Tokyo, or a 3-minute walk from Exit A13 of Ginza Station, or a 1-minute walk from Exit 9 of Ginza 1-chome Station when coming by subway.


*Please contact the store directly for the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc.

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