Sumo Wrestler Themed Souvenirs! Ryogoku Kokugikido

If you are looking for souvenirs in Ryogoku, the city of sumo, we recommend Ryogoku Kokugido, a long-established Japanese sweets store. Here, you will find a wide variety of sweets packaged with illustrations of sumo wrestlers and other sumo goods, and you are sure to find the perfect item for you.

The exterior of the shop is gorgeous with banners. Men and women of all ages can enter with ease.

A souvenir shop with sumo motifs where you can casually drop by

Ryogoku Kokugikudo, established in 1923, is located on the corner of Kokugikan-dori Avenue heading toward Kaiko-in Temple. Originally a fruit store, it became a Japanese-style confectionery store when the second generation founder, Shozaburo Iwasa, a great lover of anko (red bean paste), invented their signature product, anko arare (red bean paste Japanese crackers).

It is a 7-minute walk from The Gate Hotel Ryogoku. If you come by train, it is a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of Ryogoku Station on the JR Sobu Line or an 8-minute walk from Exit A3 of Ryogoku Station on the Toei Oedo Line.

You will want to check out every corner of the store and all the attractive souvenirs!

Introduction of standard souvenirs

When in doubt, start with anko arare (red bean paste Japanese crackers).

When you hear the word arare, you may think of small, tiny grains, but these arare are molded to resemble the semi-circular ring shape of a sumo ring. The arare are filled with anko (red bean paste) and have a crunchy texture with a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavor.

The name anko comes from the sumo wrestler anko-shaped rikishi (a wrestler with a round, fat body and a protruding belly). They are often featured in the media, and it is said that former yokozuna (top ranking wrestler) Chiyonofuji and former ozeki (2nd from the top ranking wrestler) Takanohana also bought them as a souvenir.

There are several types of anko arare: the original anko arare, deep-fried anko arare, chocolate anko arare, white chocolate anko arare, and curry arare, so you can choose your favorite flavor according to your taste.

The difference between anko arare and deep-fried anko arare is that the former is soy sauce flavored and crunchy, while the latter is salt flavored and crunchy.

Each bag contains 8 pieces, so it is perfect share with friends and family. They last about two and a half months, so they make great souvenirs!

The most popular product: Dobirazaka Sable

The dobirai sablet features a package with a cute illustration of a sumo wrestler and is made of rice flour with a white chocolate cream filling in between. The white chocolate is said to resemble a white star, while the thinly baked sable containing macadamia nuts is said to resemble a sumo ring.

Unusual Rice Cracker Nebarigoshi

What a nice surprise, this okaki (rice cracker) is a combination of natto, green onion, and cheese. Natto lovers in particular will become addicted after one bite. The salty taste of the cheese makes it a good snack to pair with alcohol.

Cute sumo goods

In addition to sweets, there are many other goods with a sumo motif for sale. In addition to T-shirts and tenugui hand towels, the store sells extra-large masks for sumo wrestlers, which have become a necessity in Japan.

There is no mail-order service, so if you visit Ryogoku, be sure to check it out, and don’t forget to buy a souviner!

Our staff at The Gate Hotel also often enjoy the snacks from this shop during their break.

We recommend the deep-fried bean-jam arare.

They arare bite-sized, easy to eat, not too sweet, and loved by men and women of all ages.

Staff A’s impression

The best part is their stickiness.

The natto and cheese are a perfect match, and the salty flavor goes well with alcohol.

Staff B’s impression

The rice flour and macadamia nuts give the sable a crunchy texture that is very delicious. It’s my favorite!

All of the products come with simple and adorable illustrations of sumo wrestlers, making them perfect souvenirs of Ryogoku.

Comments from the General Manager of The Gate Hotel Ryogoku


*Please contact the store directly for the latest information on business hours, holidays, etc.

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